Sunday, September 6, 2015

Life after marriage

anyone want to share what did they feels after marriage??? not everything that you dream of before marriage will happen.
let me tell you this...only believe 1% what did people said "HAPPY MARRIAGE LIFE" the true is...nothing is perfect.
yes one moment you will be happy...second time you will feel unhappy and incomplete.
my life after marriage have everything in it. sometimes i laugh...i cry...sometimes i just stay in my room. couldn't say anything to anyone. just keep it in my mind.
nobody can help you anymore. it's your life afterall.
but i love my spouse and i'm willing to end my life living with him. he give me everything that i need. joy, pain, happiness, sadness and everything....i really love him. and with the newborn baby..i just hope that ALLAH S.W.T will blessing us and guide us to live. Amin....

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